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Shakoflex is a technology driven company at the fore-front of innovations in packaging.

Besides profits and building business...we strongly want to be an institution that cares for its people, we also strongly believe that good people make good companies.

Good Customers are the oxygen required to be built a solid reputation and to we strive to be sincere in our efforts to service them.

Flexible Packaging Rolls & Bags
Induction Seal Liner & Wads
To provide the correct solutions to build lasting relations with customers.
To be the best employer in the business and enrich lives of our people.
To partner with the best in business to help develop better products and better environment.
To improvise continuously.
To respect strategy and systems to ensure consistent products.
To communicate and keep in touch with all in the business.
Simply to be Faster, Better & Smarter and always deliver quality products on time!

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