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'Quality is what the customer wants'

Shakoflex strongly believes that one needs to listen to the customer first and understand the requirements and thereafter put our best minds together to design and develop a package which satisfies not only to protect the contents but also create appeal. Delivering this product consistently is the proof of our expertise and commitment.

Shakoflex recognises that to deliver on time everytime is paramount, one must respond quickly to market requirements so that consumer get the product when needed.

Shakoflex uses the latest equipment and tooling to ensure highest quality standards are met and exceeded

Quality Assurance tools are available to ensure all parameters are measured so that they can be centrelined

Dedicated Package Design & Development Studio
Integrated Pre-Press Facility
Quality Management System
Warehouse Management System
ARC & Defect Detection Systems(Quadtech)
Technical Support & Co-Ordination Staff
Clean Room Management

Shakoflex is a Certified Food Grade Manufacturer & Convertor recognised by Government of India's Food Safety Department

Machinery 0f Induction Seal Liner & WadsMachinery 0f Induction Seal Liner & Wads

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